Long time, no blog….

…and I *thought* about starting the blog up again, but I think that’s a bit too retro/throwback even for me. (And I love nostalgia!) Instead, a quick hello and an update.

So: hello! Hope you are all staying safe and taking care of yourselves. Please wear a mask to protect yourself and others. And be kind. And VOTE! It’s more important this year, right now, than ever before. Have questions? Check out Rock the Vote  for everything you need to know.

In other news, I’m obsessed with all things Avett Brothers. Learned how to bake bread (badly, at first) during the pandemic. I got a new dog, so now we have three. (Pray for us, it’s insane but wonderful.) And The Rest of the Story is now in paperback, with a brand new cover! It’s making me miss summer before it’s even over.

For ordering info and more, go here! 

And what a weird summer it has been, right? Even *I* couldn’t write a book about everything and not have it sound bonkers. (And I have some experience with transformations happening between June and September.) I started a book in January and abandoned it around April. Right now, writing feels impossible. Maybe it does for you, too. But it will come back. And when it does, we’ll all have a lot of stories to tell. Fingers crossed.

Have a good day, everyone!