The Friday Five! (Just this once, because Nostalgia)

The Friday Five! (Just this once, I swear)


  1. First things first: things are tough right now. It is NOT just you. Deep breaths, try to look for the good even when it seems there is none to be seen. I know I sound like a broken record with this, but someone needs to hear it. Maybe a lot of someones.
  2. We started online/homeschooling this semester, and let me say this: I value teachers more than EVER BEFORE. I have help with the learning coaching (I know I am very fortunate) and it’s still SO much to keep up with. Thank you to all the teachers who are navigating an entire new world of instruction from a distance. And to all the parents and kids who are doing their best, which is ALL we can do right now, know that is enough, because it has to be. (For a reminder, check out @theholdernessfamily “I’m Doing The Best I Can” which we watch often to laugh instead of scream at each other.)
  3. Confession: I’m not writing. And I’m barely reading. I’m not sure if it’s quarantine or the various personal stuff I’ve been dealing with, but…there it is. I keep seeing people announcing new books and projects and I just…well….sigh. Because after 14 books and 20+ years, I have learned that my writing is the one thing I cannot ever control or summon at will. Not meant to do it right now. For those of you who ARE, I’m cheering for you. Go, go!!!
  4. We have a possum living in our yard. (Yes, I live in rural NC.) We have named him Jeffrey. Every time the dogs come out and he’s banging around the birdfeeders, he drops to the ground and plays possum, which is to say dead. He is Oscar level in his method. Curled up, tongue sticking out, frozen. The first time we were worried. Now we just sigh and shut the door. Maybe I should try it?
  5. I’m getting ready to go the Post Office to return something. These days, this counts as BIG activity. (I was staying home for days on end until I realized that was NOT good for my mental health.) I used to hate running errands. Now I am coordinating my shoes and sweatshirt so that when I see Real People, I make the most of it. Pray for those people, as I will probably talk their ears off as well.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Stay safe.