Back to pencils, back to books, back to teacher’s dirty looks…

(Or students dirty looks….depends on your perspective, I suppose.)

School starts tomorrow. Am I ready? Am I ever ready?

I hate when summer vacation ends. Especially because around here it still IS summer: I mean, it’s August 19th. Most people in the rest of the country don’t go back until September but we’ve always gone early. We get out early too, I guess that’s the perk. But now it’s just hard to start thinking like a teacher again.

Meanwhile, there’s been this huge controversy brewing here on campus and today it seems it will all come to a head. The national news has been all over this..what a way to start the semester.

But we are not new to controversy here. In fact we thrive on it at UNC. You got a cause, we got a protest for you. That’s why I love working there. Say what you will, but it’s never dull.

So today I will load up my new school supplies (nerd alert, my husband would say) and double-check my syllabi and brace myself for the chaos that is the first day of classes. This has been a great summer. So much has happened: my head is still spinning. But now it’s back to work. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

have a good day…