Well, the first day of classes is over and I survived, after an initial run of every-freaking-thing-going-wrong.

First, the hem on my only decent skirt (and I have to dress nicely at least the first day) came loose so I had to pin it. Then Monkey, my puppy, slobbered on same skirt, leaving me running to somehow spot-clean it and then dry it super-fast with the hair dryer (a little trick I learned from the Queen of all Laundry Issues: you know who you are!) while already running late. Once on campus, I burned up most of my pre-paid copies—budget cuts mean I have to subsidize my handouts this year—by screwing up on the copier. My poor students had to turn their syllabi upside down to read the back page: whooops! Then, insult to injury, I got a papercut.

(This is pretty much typical, actually. I’ve just been away from campus for awhile.)

The day went better after all that. I saw a few of my Greatest Hits (former students) and got the vegetable plate for lunch, which I shared with a bunch of folks I haven’t seen since last semester. All in all, it’s nice to be back.

In other news, American Idol is on tonight and I find myself getting sucked in. I’d wanted last week to be a one-time thing, but, as with most addictions, you can’t just do it once. I’ve been losing myself in bad TV lately: last night I watched the Teen Choice awards, pretty much in their entirety. But I did it WHILE reading Vanity Fair, so doesn’t that balance out? Like eating a donut and drinking a diet Coke?

I think so. Yes. I do.