As I write this I am sitting in my office, waiting out the last fifteen minutes of my office hours.


Any of my students can attest to my slackness concerning office hours. I want to be available for my students, for their questions/concerns/anxieties/whatever. But I always feel like grumpy as I sit here, watching the clock, the same way Idid when I got busted for skipping class in high school and had to go to detention. It’s not that I don’t love my job: it’s just I hate to be idle.

It was ten times worse, though, before I had a computer. Now at least I can check out the gossip and kill time wading through all the spam on my email.

(And there is a LOT, especially lately. What’s up with that? It stinks. I keep getting those English 1 emails, over and over again…..)

In other news, I think I’m officially coming up on middle age. I bought two CDs this week: Bruce Springstreen and James Taylor. And I love both of them. I think I’m going to have to give up striving for the hipness factor once and for all, though.

*looks at watch*

Speaking of being unhip, when I asked both of my classes if anyone had seen Blue Crush I got in response both a) silence and b) slightly condescening looks of the you’re-not-serious-are-you? sort. Oooops. Usually I get at least a week before they lose all respect for me. Oh, well.

*looks at watch again*

Maybe I’ll tackle the crossword……