Good morning.

So I think something weird is going on with my email, and it’s making me paranoid. A few people have sent me stuff that I never received, which leads me to wonder what I’ve been sent that I DON’T know about. Considering how much I hate the phone (thus my reliance on email to deal with Just About Everything), this is a problem. Worse, I have no idea what to do about it. Is it AOL? Is it something else? Should I just leave it up to fate, and what doesn’t come, I don’t need in the greater sense of the universe?

I think I need more coffee.

First, though, I want to give many thanks to the person who sent me a link to this piece on How to Deal on Entertainment Tonight Online. Fun trivia: I was there the day the ET crew was there, and I saw them interviewing everyone. So exciting, since I love ET, always have. It’s fun to see what Mandy has to say about Halley (pronounced Hall-ee in the movie, rather than the Hay-lee in the book: I kept messing up when I was up there, and was constantly corrected. Go figure).

I am so glad it is Friday. I am doing all sorts of productive stuff today, the most important of which is getting one of the front lights on my car replaced. Last week my turn signal starting going berserk, really fast and crazy, so I figured the bulb was out. Since one of my front lights had also been dangling occasionally (nothing more embarassing than having to push in your light in a parking lot, while other drivers look on) I made an appointment to bring it to my old friend Tioga, who recently opened an auto shop near my house. He checked out the turn signal, then said, “Which light is loose?” and before I could answer him he went around the front of the car and said, “Oh, is it this one that’s missing?” Which means that at some point my light went from dangling to falling off altogether, and I didn’t even notice. In fact, Tioga pointed out, I most likely ran over it. And didn’t notice. Then he gave me one of those looks that I always get when it becomes apparent that I just don’t pay enough attention to the upkeep of my car, the same look my husband always gives me when he notices a dink or dent on it and I say, “Where? Oh, really? God, I didn’t even see that.”

This is why I have never had a new car. I’d actually have to worry about stuff like this. With used, they already have dents. And lights that fall out. It’s all okay, really.

In case you’re wondering, there is no point to this story. I just felt like sharing.

Happy weekend, everyone…..