This is so exciting: it’s raining.

I woke up this morning and thought, what is that noise? Sat up in bed. Listened. Then I realized: it was the sound of steady rain hitting our roof. A sound I’ve hardly heard for a long, long time, considering we’re in, like, the worst drought ever. Car washes closed, plants all dead, have to ask for water in restaurants and then, by God, you BETTER drink it or else. Bad times, folks.

But today, I wake up to rain. To the news that to the east of us, it’s rained eight inches, or something crazy like that. Maybe my husband’s Grandmother was onto something when she told him that she’d been praying for rain, so not to worry. Whatever you feel about faith, it’s nice to at least wash the dishes without feeling like every drop could be my last.

In other most exciting news, I have a new office chair.


It’s called the bungee chair and it’s pretty much the most comfortable desk chair I’ve ever sat in. It’s like sitting on a trampoline.


Even better, it’s forcing me to have better posture, always a good thing. I splurged this weekend and finally bought some new furniture for my home office. I got a new desk, as well, which is made of glass and metal. I’ve moved my old desk (which my husband made for me when I was in college, and which I wrote every one of my novels on, but I’m trying not to be superstitious about it, really trying) across the room, and set up my new desk, and new chair, and cleared out all my clutter and now my entire office looks different. It’s gorgeous. It looks like someone much more professional than myself should be working here. But it’s just me.

I think all these changes are going to be really good for my feng shui. Or at least I hope so, because I could really use some better chi right now. As always when I have put aside writing and am trying to focus on What Comes Next, I’m a little jumpy these days.

Still, there’s a lot to be grateful for. Like, it’s raining. I have a new chair. I’ve already graded all my papers for Tuesday. I made devilled eggs yesterday and there are five in the fridge waiting for me. There’s a free gift at Clinique, and I’m almost out of clarifying lotion. Stuff like that. Good stuff. Good stuff all.

have a good day, everyone….