So last night I only got to see the first hour of the Video Music Awards but judging by what I saw in highlights this morning, that was probably enough.

(My husband is famously tolerant of all the bad TV and chick flicks I make him watch…but on Thursdays at nine, he draws the line: we watch CSI.)

In the hour I did see of the VMAs, a few things became clear. One, that skank is clearly back and fully present fashion-wise. What is Christina Aguilera thinking? She’s a pretty girl, but she looks terrible these days. Just because you have it doesn’t mean we all need to see it. Meanwhile Britney got some bad fashion advice as well….the leather look, with the cap…I don’t know. And while I like Avril Lavigne, what was up with her attitude when she presented with Lisa Marie? That’s the daughter of ELVIS. Show some respect.

(These are just my thoughts. They don’t mean anything. But you knew that already.)

Well, whatever. It’s just a show. And it will be in reruns all weekend, so I’ll catch Justin Timberlake and Guns and Roses sometime later. (Now that’s an interesting pairing if I ever heard of one.)

Also: yesterday, I bought The Lord of the Rings on DVD. I haven’t seen it yet…in all honesty I’m just not much of a sci-fi person or fantasy or whatever, but people keep rolling their eyes at me when I say I haven’t seen it, so okay, fine. I give.

Now it’s almost the holiday weekend, and I have no real plans. It’s so wonderful….I can do whatever I want. Plus it’s raining and cool, the kind of day you feel totally justified seeing a matinee or going back to bed to read for hours. Ahhhhhhhh.

enjoy your weekend, one and all…