Good morning.

I have to say, first, that the internet is getting on my nerves. So far, this has been a good relationship, something that I enjoy: I come up here to check my email with a sense of happy expectation, wondering what sort of exciting thing might be waiting for me. But lately, the glow is fading.

Maybe it’s all the spam. (So much spam! God help me, what is going on?) Or maybe it’s the pop up windows, so many of them, that I feel like I’m courting carpal tunnel every time I click on anything. It just seems like more WORK than it used to be to find the things are are fun and interesting and good.

Or maybe it’s that right now, and up until a certain point in next week, the news is all either bad or entirely too haunting, scary nostalgic, where-were-you-look-at-this-image again kind of thing.

(On the eleventh, I don’t know what I want to do. But I don’t think I want to see it again. I really don’t.)

Anyway. Even with all this frustration and anxiety (so cheerful, aren’t I? Aren’t you glad you’re reading this? No, but really…I’m in a good mood. I swear!) I occasionally find something really good and interesting, such as this weblog. If you have the time, scroll back a few days and read his commentary on the VMAs. It’s hysterical.

More good news: it’s Friday. And I promised myself a real mocha today. Yum.

things are looking up….