Okay, that’s it: self-imposed media blackout begins here. I can’t take any more information about what COULD happen, and how scared I should be. Is it better to be braced for something awful, or to just try and live and take it when/if it comes?

I have a feeling I will be watching a lot of DVDs in the next couple of days. Call me an escapist, but I have to do something.

In the real world, I just heard this couple get into a huge argument right outside my office. Such anguish! So life goes on, even in the face of a bad day looming.

Also, a confession: I watched three episodes of “Sorority Life” back to back last night. I am so ashamed….but it was sickly interesting. Then I missed the finale because a)I had to go to bed and b)I just couldn’t bring myself to log a full two hours of those girls. I mean, I have some standards.

Don’t I?

I heard from one of my students that Jordan and Mara did not make the sisterhood. Big shocker there. They’ll rerun it a million times, though, so it’s not like I won’t get to see how everything else played out.

I think I need to start watching PBS. I need culture, and not of the pop variety.

Yes. Exactly. That’s just what I need…..