Yes, so, my alma mater (and the institution where I teach) is ranked number five of all U.S. public universities. Yay, us.

(It is a really good school, I have to say. Plus our writing program kicks butt. Big time! Now if only we had some more money, so I didn’t have to pay for copies of my syllabi out of my own pocket….but I digress.)

It’s Friday. This makes me way happy. I have many errand-like things to do today, dropping off dry cleaning and the like. I’m thinking I might hit Best Buy as well..this may be the day I finally break down and buy American Beauty on DVD.

(I just want it. I know it’s not the most cheerful movie, but it’s just so GOOD.)

Looming ahead is a weekend with No Big Plans. Which means I’ll probably get to finish reading To Kill a Mockingbird, which is just so good I can’t even stand it. I am still in the process of cleansing my reading palate, before I go back to reviewing books. It’s easy to get discouraged, when so many books disappoint. But not Mockingbird. No way.

Imagine what it was like to write one book, have it win the Pulitizer, and then never publish another one. Boggles the mind….