Well, it’s Monday. And I had to go to the dentist, where I was berated because I haven’t gotten my wisdom tooth pulled yet. (I only need one out, which I know makes me very lucky, but that doesn’t make me any more enthused about the procedure.) I also had to get Xrays, where you sit there with a big metal apron on and have someone stick those awful cardboard guides in your mouth until you gag.

I’ve already met with the oral surgeon: all I have to do is make the appointment, go in, and get the tooth extracted. Oh, and pay five hundred bucks.


It’s very hard to be motivated to be in a lot of pain and have to PAY for it. Sheesh.

I keep telling myself that this Monday, I’ll call. And then Monday goes to Tuesday, and on and on. My husband says if I don’t get it pulled it will suddenly be incredibly painful when I least want to deal with it, i.e. right before I’m going to do something so fun and amazing and exciting that I’ve been looking forward to for ages. (And let me tell you: these sort of events are always happening for me. Not.) But of course that’s what will happen, because life is just funny like that. Har-de-har.


Times like today, I am especially grateful for David Sedaris. If you have time to kill, you should go read some of these essays. Very few things make me laugh out loud, but he never fails, and today, tooth issues and all, I needed it.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. And next week, next Monday, I am going to make that appointment. I swear……