My Inner Hair Color is Redhead!
What’s YOUR Inner Hair Color?

Maybe this will finally convince me to do something different to my hair. One can dream!!!

I just finished teaching my two classes and now I’m sitting here, exhausted. I know teaching isn’t all that taxing, especially the kind I do (and that laying asphalt, or being a roofer, or working on a road crew is the definition of Hard Work) but having to be the most energetic person in the room for two and a half hours straight can take it out of a person. Whew.

(Why, you may ask, do I put such a premium on keeping my classes lively? Because, dear reader, I had too many semesters of being bored stiff when I was in college.)

Meanwhile, in book news, I’ve just found out that That Summer and Someone Like You will be available as audiobooks by February. I am not doing the reading, and I’m really interested to see how someone else does the passages I have read aloud so many times. Should be interesting. I’ll keep you posted….

Now, I HAVE to go eat lunch. Stomach is growling….