As if life isn’t complicated enough, I’ve just been called An Ugly Old Hag on Mandy Moore’s message board.


Well, I do admit it’s just not the best picture. That’s what I get for putting it up on my website, I guess….

On the flip side, yesterday I was in Winston Salem for a library conference. I was leaving the hotel restaurant where I had breakfast when this guy that worked there ran up after me and gave me a little piece of paper, saying Hey Lady, here Lady. I thought it was my receipt or something, so I took it and said thanks. It wasn’t until I got into the elevator and opened it that I realized it wasn’t a receipt but a note. From somebody. It said, You’re very nice.

My first thought was it must have been from my waitress, who I left a big tip for because, frankly, working breakfast must really suck. (I wouldn’t know, but I worked lunch for years and that sucked big-time. I am assuming people are even grumpier in the early morning hours. I worked at a Mexican place, and the reasoning goes that if people aren’t drinking, they’re not tipping big. Not many folks are ordering margaritas at lunch. Or breakfast, for that matter. But I digress.)

Anyway, so back to the note. So random, that on a basic Friday morning someone I most likely haven’t even spoken to thinks I’m nice. And now, someone who knows me not at all thinks I’m an ugly old hag. So: it just goes to show that you never know what the world will make of you. Or something.

have a good Saturday….