Outside my window, there is this one leaf that is somehow attached to a spider web, or something similarily sticky and invisible. It’s been swinging back and forth in the wind, seemingly floating on air, for hours now.

I think I’m having an American Beauty moment. Really.

(Side note: my experience of beauty in the world was just rudely interrupted by what I perceived to be, correctly, the sound of my puppy chewing our New Rug downstairs. Cut to me racing down there, shouting in my Big Scary Voice “No! Bad dog! No!” while he just look at me, wide-eyed. This is the same expression he employed last night when we had company over for drinks and he oh-so-casually ambled up to the coffee table and snarfed down a bunch of cheese. Honestly.)

Oh, well. If you were focused on the beauty of the world all the time I guess you wouldn’t ever get to have those lovely, dream-like moments of appreciation. Or something.

Meanwhile, Allison Janney won an Emmy last night, her third. Yay for her. I don’t watch the West Wing, but I am a big fan of hers. And I’d say that even if she wasn’t in the movie.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling like my life is dull. My parents are in London for the fall semester and I keep getting these emails from my mother in which she is gushing on and on about all the wonderful things she’s doing, and seeing, and experiencing. Meanwhile my high point today was finding red peppers on sale at the supermarket. I mean, really.


On the other hand, when I was really busy this summer all I wanted was a few empty afternoons to myself. So I think I’ll shut up now.

Actually, what I really want whenever I’m stressed is a couple of hours and a book I can’t bear to put down. Finally, I have one . It’s by Lee Smith, and it’s just so good I can’t even stand it. In fact, this afternoon, when I’m not watching that leaf dance all over my window, I’m doing to make spinach lasagna and read. Maybe watch a little Oprah. Enjoy this life for what it is, because—for reasons I’m not going to go into here—I’m seeing it as mighty precious these days. Mighty precious…