I am linus
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I always fancied myself a Linus, actually…..

Well, it’s Tuesday. And not much is going on. Last night, there was a high-speed chase on the news for over two hours. Which is a very California kind of thing, but a first for around these parts. How weird it was to sit there and watch this truck just drive, on and on, into Virginia, with a bunch of cops trailing along behind. Then, the network cut away to Drew Carey. What happened? I didn’t find out until this morning: it was a murder suicide. So sad. Even sadder was how we all just sat and watched the last minutes of these peoples lives, like it WAS the Drew Carey show. Or something. I don’t know. It left me feeling guilty, for some reason.

Wow. That was depressing. Sorry.

On a happier note, we can all now feel a little bit better about eating Fritos. And isn’t that a good thing?

have a good day, one and all….