For today, a few deep thoughts…

First of all, I was listening to NPR today and they had a preview of a show that was going to discuss some recent changes in Sesame Street. They opined that Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, etc, were, at 33, in the “early stages of a mid-life crisis.”


Okay, so I’m thirty-two. A midlfe crisis coming on? Is this something else to worry about, along with the Mega Tsunami and black mold? Don’t I at least get to wait until my forties before I start wanting liposuction and a red convertible Boxster?

(God. I hope so. I mean, I’m squeamish about surgery and I drive like your grandmother. So we should all hope it holds off for awhile.)

Point two: at the post office, where I was mailing some stuff, the guy put one of my envelopes on the scale, then clucked his tongue and said, “Well, you’re underweight, but you’re oversized. So that’s forty-nine cents.”

Now, maybe I’m wrong, but I didn’t think it was possible in this size-0 society to be underweight and oversized. How often do you get to hear that? Words to ponder, thought I, as I pulled back onto the highway. Words to ponder.

Also, my email paranoia continues. I’ve hardly gotten any in the last day or so, which normally would be a cause to rejoice, but now of course I’m convinced that NO ONE CAN GET THROUGH TO ME. Oh, man. Think of all the infomation I am not receiving. (And when I do this, it’s never the penis enlargements or home mortgage spam that comes to mind. It’s always something just so crucial, like Barbara Walters wanting to interview me or Cameron Crowe writing to say, yes, of course, he’d love to do the movie of This Lullaby.)


As if…..