If you’re a news freak like me, you need to check out Google News. It’s so up-to-date they tell you when the stories were posted last (57 minutes ago! twenty minutes ago!) so you get that oh-so-fresh information feeling. Ahhh. That’s cool.

Okay, not much to report today. I skipped office hours (bad instructor!) to go out to lunch with my very cool friend Marianne and have the vegetable plate, yum. Added bonus for today: I got a ride in to school from the hubster because he was rained out of work, so I didn’t have to trudge from my parking lot in the downpour. It just feels special for a Thursday, and don’t you just love that?

Also, Friends premieres tonight. It is a sad commentary on my academic prowess that my Intermediate Fiction Writing class devoted real, actual classtime to the Ross vs. Joey debate. (Not MUCH classtime, but some.) Pity the poor people who take my classes. They get pop culture whether they like it or not.

Otherwise, life is dull but most enjoyable. It’s raining. It’s cool. Oprah is about to come on. This is my non-writing life, and I’m learning to appreciate it. In time, I’ll get sucked into another novel, tumbled head over heels and pulled out to sea. For now, though, this quiet is nice. Very nice…