I’ve just spent entirely too long looking at weblogs here. I feel like my brain is caving in: this happens when I spend too much time in front of the computer.

It’s time to get Out in the World, I think.

I am trying to buck my reclusive nature, but it’s hard. Being quiet and sticking close to home is incredibly conducive to writing novels, but since I’m not doing that now and have little intention of doing so for awhile, I need to get out more. It’s just hard to get back in the swing. And I’m lazy. I think.

One good reason to get out: movies. Sweet Home Alabama opens today, and I am avoiding all reviews because if it’s bad I don’t want to know, it’s been so long since a decent girly flick came out. I wish Hollywood would get the fact that there are people like me that WANT to go to the movies, an entire legion of women that only ask for a decent story, maybe a laugh or two, and please no explosions or Matrix-like 360 camera angles. Why am I buying so many DVDs? Because there aren’t any good new movies. At all.


Sorry to rant. I’m in a good mood, actually, though you can’t tell by how much I’m complaining.

Yesterday I told my Intro class about how I feel bad for Jennifer Love Hewitt these days. (Again, let’s just take a minute to appreciate my academic side.) I mean, she just strikes me as struggling a bit but a decent person at heart. Now she’s in this new Jackie Chan movie which is getting really bad reviews, and I feel even worse for her. Not to mention that her album isn’t exactly burning up the charts. After I said this, the guy next to me pointed out that, to him, she seems “dumb as a box of rocks,” in his words.

Well, he’s entitled to his opinion. And it’s not like she cares what I think. But you know how sometimes you just feel bad for people, and don’t know why?

Okay, never mind. Forget I said anything.

I’m going to Banana Republic now…..