Sometimes, the world can be a sad place. Times like that, we have to try and think about good things.

So: good things. Let’s make a list, shall we?

(Or shall I, I suppose, since this isn’t exactly interactive. I’m not that high-tech.)

Anyway: good things. Right. Okay.

Good Things

1. Chinese food. (Especially at lunch.)
2. The snooze bar, and ample time to use it.
3. An empty page on my day planner.
4. Twizzlers.
5. Cameron Crowe movies, especially Almost Famous and Say Anything.
6. Daisies.
7. The way babies smell: like milk, and powder, and just, I don’t know, life.
8. Pimiento cheese, mini wheat thins, and a glass of wine. Ahhhhh.
9. The clearance rack at Banana Republic, just after it’s been restocked.
10. The Moonakis River, and Waquoit Bay.
11. That first really warm day after a long winter, when you can finally wear short sleeves.
12. Dogs. All dogs. Period.
13. Dar Williams, “As Cool as I Am.”
14. The Flying Vegetarian Burrito.
15. Movie popcorn.
16. Stila Vanilla Lip Gloss.
17. Old friends who can finish your sentences, who roll their eyes when you say you’re fat, who dislike all the same people you do, who remember. Everything.
18. Old Southern women who call you “hon.”
19. Payday. (yahoo! I can eat lunch out today!)
20. Devilled eggs.

I could go on. Of course I could. The world is full of good things, smack-dab packed. I think we just forget sometimes, or overlook them. It’s easy to do. But a list helps. Maybe you should try it, too. You never know. Could help….

have a good day, everyone.