Hello all.

So: it looks like the paperback tie-in for the movie will go on sale in January. They have it listed as How to Deal, by Sarah Dessen, which is kind of weird since it makes it sound like a new novel by me (which it is not.) It’s actually Someone Like You and That Summer together in one book, with a cover that matches the movie. In case you were confused. Which you probably weren’t . However, I do have a tendency to overexplain, so do with that what you will.

In movie-watching news, I finally saw Moulin Rouge this weekend. (I know, I know, I’m way late. I haven’t seen Beautiful Mind either, don’t even start telling me how ridiculous that is, I know, I know.) Anyway. So I have to admit that there was one point during Moulin Rouge where I was thinking, okay, this is just too whacked. But I’m so glad I stuck with it. It’s just so spectacular visually: I think I have to see it again. I feel like there’s a lot I missed. Well worth the time, I must say, although you have to be able to let go of a lot of conceptions you may have about What Movies Are to enjoy it. Very sad, as well, and I love a good tearjerker.

Still wanting to get to Sweet Home Alabama…it’s just a busy week. Maybe tomorrow…..

have a good day, all.