Well, it’s Wednesday.

(You can tell this will be an exciting entry by such a whiz-bang beginning.)

This is a busy week. I went from having nothing to do to running around like a crazy person, then falling into bed exhausted only to be awakened what feels like five seconds later by the alarm clock. (Which is then followed by the puppy wailing, as he suddenly realizes that he is a) starving and b) really not liking being in his crate.) Ah, the joy of morning.

Anyway, it’s good to be busy, even if it is a little hectic. Right?

Of course, what I really want to do is just get back into bed with my new People magazine, which just came yesterday. Rosie O’Donnell is on the cover, denying that she’s having some big personality problem. If she was, do you really think she’d admit that in newstands across America, though? I wonder. But I can’t tell you either way, because I don’t have the time to read the magazine. I can just look at it fleetingly as I rush out the door. Oh, well.

The truth is I subscribe to too many magazines. I mean, that alone is bad. But even worse is that I’m totally OCD about reading them: I feel like I have to read all of them, every one of them, from cover to cover, every article. I can’t just skim, like you do at the dentist when you’re waiting to be called back for your six month cleaning. Oh, no. I have to absorb everything, from the editor’s letter to the back page horoscope. It’s very time consuming, even if you aren’t reading a stack of books for the paper and the assignments you give your students. I should just let some of my subscriptions run out, but I can’t, because I just love when they come in the mail. It makes me happy.

At last count, here are the ones I get:
1. Entertainment Weekly. (So good. Period. Everyone should be reading it. I am a long-time subscriber.)
2. Newsweek.
3. Jane (also awesome: my dream is to be in Jane, someday.)
4. Self (gotta love fitness!)
5. Vanity Fair (best articles and so cheap by subscription: twelve bucks, or something.)
6. People (in which, truth be told, I skip past the Heartwarming Stories of Regular Folk straight to the celebrity stuff, so shallow am I)
7. US Weekly (which has gotten so trashy and yet so fun in the last month or so since Bonnie Fuller, formerly of Glamour, took it over. Where else can you see pictures of Britney Spears in no makeup?)
8. Movieline. (Okay, so I let this one lapse cause I got it for free…but they just kept sending it to me. I don’t know why.)

I think that’s it. But I may be forgetting something…I used to get Talk, but it folded. And In Style, but it was just too heavy and cumbersome.

(Note: I just read over this entry and realized I sound kind of psycho/pathetic. Ooops.)

happy reading, everyone!