Here’s a proven procrastination tool: movie previews on the web.

Did I mention I’m in office hours?


Today feels like a Monday: sluggish, non-motivated. A nap sounds like about as much activity as I can handle. Plus it’s cloudy and cool, great sleeping weather. Like those unseasonable afternoons at the Cape, when you need a sweater even before you burrow down under a blanket, the window cracked just barely beside your bed, to read until you doze off, while your house and family hums all around you.

(Some of you, at least, know what I mean.)

Anyway. I just watched the Harry Potter preview, then the one for the new Jennifer Lopez movie, all the while trying to keep the volume on my computer low enough so that I would not be found out to be the total non-academic that, occasionally, I am. But no students came to see me today! I went to all the news sites first! I swear!!!!


have a good day (or good nap?) one and all…….