It’s cool here today, and I’m wearing a woolly sweater for the first time in months. Takes a little bit of getting used to.

I was so inspired by the change in the weather that I decided to go shoe shopping. This was not only fun but necessary, which is something I can rarely say about me going anywhere near a mall or store. But really: just about everything I own is open-toed, and people, that’s just not practical in cool weather. Yesterday I was wearing a sweater and open-toed shoes, which is Just Plain Wrong.

(Truthfully, all the shoes I like are impractical. If they’re not open toed, they have ridiculously thick heels, which means wearing them to work is out of the question. But I love a thick heel. I feel so short in flats, it’s depressing. But I digress.)

Anyway, so I bought two new pairs of shoes. At once. I mean, I had to, right? How often do you find even one pair you can stand, much less two? And you shouldn’t scrimp on shoes. I mean, that’s your feet you’re talking about. So, it was, again, necessary.

This is the kind of justified-spending-monologue I can conjure up in seconds. I’m so good at it I have friends that call when THEY have spent ridiculous amounts on clothes or shoes, just so I can spin it for them and make them feel better. I’m telling you, it’s an art. Truly.


Sweaters. New closed-toe shoes. Fall is here, for sure.

have a good day everyone….