I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating today: I love my students.

A couple of hours ago I read at the UNC Bookstore. The audience pretty much consisted solely of my students, past and present, and thank God, because otherwise there wouldn’t have been anyone there. It’s weird but I’m always a little bit nervous reading in front of people I’ve taught or am teaching, if only because when I finish I half expect one of them to raise a hand and say, “Well, I really liked the first part, but it was kind of flat in the middle. Too many passive verbs. And that character, well, I just couldn’t see her, you know? I think you have everything you need, but you just need to draw it out more.”

(I would probably deserve this, for how hard I am on them. But it’s only cause I know they’re good, and they can take it.)

Luckily, this didn’t happen. They just came, and laughed in the right places, and that’s what matters. (On Friday, Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame is coming…they’re expecting hundreds of people. I don’t draw that kind of crowd, but I don’t star in movies where I carry my own head, either, so I can’t complain now can I?)

Another high point of this afternoon: Amy and Abby, from Chapel Hill High School, who—following in my proud tradition—skipped seventh period to attend. Girls after my own heart. Truly. Gotta love that…..