It’s freaking pouring here. The rain is just pounding the roof over my head, has been all night long. Maybe it will help the drought. Would be nice.

So yesterday I got my picture taken for the local paper, because of this literacy benefit I’m doing. I’ve covered here, numerous times, how I am Just Not Photogenic. It is so true. Especially today. My husband just came up, looked at the picture, and said, “Honey,” in a you-poor-sucker kind of way.

Go here if you want to see it. My father in law just called to say that three people have already called him to say they saw me in the paper.


(A disclaimer: this is not the fault of the photographer. Not at all. I just do not take good pictures. It’s documented, proven, like a math theoreum. Truth, I swear.)

Oh well. At least it’s Friday. I am in a DVD purchasing mood, which is dangerous. Here’s the ones on my wish list:

1. Grease (love it love it love it!)
2. Cruel Intentions (which is always on sale)
3. Spinal Tap Special Edition (so good it goes up to eleven)
4. Urban Cowboy (I know what you’re thinking…but it’s so good.)

I have to choose one, and only one, this restraint being a part of the new on-a-budget me.


Okay, maybe two. But just two!

have a good day everyone….