Well, it’s Sunday. Which normally would mean kicking-back and losing myself in the morning newspaper, but today is kind of busy, as are the next few days.

Today I do that event for the Literacy Council. Then Fall Break starts on Tuesday for me, but first I have papers to grade, a midterm to give. Then I do a phone conference with a library in Vermont, after which I read at the Chapel Hill Public Library. The next day I head off to Greenville, SC, for a school visit, and then I’m home, finally. Friday through Sunday is all mine.

I love being busy, but by then I’ll be ready to collapse for awhile. Seriously. Of course I’ll still have a book I need to read/review, as well as another someone wants me to blurb. But that’s small potatoes, hash-browns even, after everything else.

(Don’t you love a good vegetable/breakfast analogy? Now I’m hungry for home fries.)

Here’s the best cure-all for the almost-fall-break blahs: watch a good movie. (Well, that’s kind of the cure for everything, though, isn’t it?) Last night I got the double feature of Spinal Tap and Grosse Pointe Blank. So awesome, both of them. I will never get tired of John Cusak, and that is a solemn promise. I just love him.

have a good day everyone….