Well, I just downloaded the new AOL version 8.0. (I know, I know, AOL sucks, but I’m sort of stuck with them for a little bit longer because of this bargain deal I got with my DSL. Don’t even ask.) All I have to say about this new version is that it’s BUSY…entirely too much stimulation, too much going on. Yikes. I’m exhausted just looking at it. On the plus side, though, there is a auto-response vacation mail thingy, finally. It’s about time.

(Hating AOL is so passe these days. It’s like hating Martha Stewart. Been there, done that.)

Anyhow. I’m about to leave for South Carolina, to do a school visit. A road trip seems like a good thing…it’s been awhile since I’ve been away, and long car drives always give me time to think. Just in case I get bored, I picked up David Sedaris doing Barrel Fever on CD, as well as an Ani Difranco double album. (I haven’t heard much of her stuff, but she comes highly recommended. Now all I need is a mocha and I’m set. Gotta love it.

talk to you in a few days.

take care, everyone….