How about a little metaphor action for your Friday?

Up at our house in Cape Cod, one of the first things we have to do at the beginning of the summer is drag out our skiff from under the house, push it down to the river, and row it around to the bay side. This is work. It’s even worse if you don’t time it well and find yourself rowing against the tide as it’s coming in. It takes twice as long and makes what would normally be a pretty easygoing experience Incredibly Frustrating. After doing it a few times, we learned how to gauge the tide and decided that, hey, why get all stressed when you don’t have to? Why do something when you know it’s going to be that much more difficult than if you were just patient, and waited a few hours. Huh? Why not?

Today, I was seriously rowing against the tide. Getting totally frustrated-bordering-on-weepy. And then I just decided: you know what, this can wait. I’m just going to pull into this inlet here and I’ll know when things will be going my way. Then I’ll try again.


If you’d rather read something not quite so pretentious, pop on over to Wading in the Velvet Sea, where Ryan is being much more interesting than I am today. Plus he gave me a shout out, which cheered me up enormously.

I’m going to have a good night tonight. I can feel it.

I wish you the same…..