Good morning.

It’s Monday. It’s raining. I’ve had a cup of coffee and still feel sleepy.


Otherwise, I’m feeling empowered, if only because I spent a lot of this weekend listening to chick music. First, I was immersed in Ani DiFranco for most of my trip to SC. Then on the way back I bought Pink’s CD, which is actually really, really good, and the next day I splurged at Costco ($12.49!) for Avril Lavinge’s CD. (My husband gave me That Look spying the case in my car….not his kind of music, not by a long shot, but whatever.) All of these CDs are really good, and they’ve helped to pull me out of my blah-blahs to feel a little better about myself and the world in general. Which is a good thing, especially on a rainy Monday morning.

Also, I went to a memorial service yesterday. My neighbor, who was 34, died of brain cancer. It was one of those things where I knew her, from the occasional party at their house, or ours, but we weren’t the best of friends. During the last weeks of her illness we were doing our best to help out…feeding their cats and dog, doing little things that they needed doing. It’s affected me, knowing that this awful thing was going on just through the woods from my house. I’d look over in the evenings and see the lights on and remember just how grateful I should be that the biggest problem I was currently facing was having a bad writing day, or nothing to cook for dinner, or some stupid squabble with my husband. I was reminded of this again yesterday, as I sat in a quiet room of people, all of us silent and grieving. There’s so much beauty in the world, but sometimes it takes something awful to make you wake up and pay enough attention to really see it. I’m paying attention, now.

Sorry to get to heavy on you. I promise light and frothy, next time.

have a good day everyone….