You know what’s just about the most exciting thing ever? I’ll tell you.

(You knew I would, right?)

It’s this DVD Dance Pack. I mean, Footloose and Flashdance AND Urban Cowboy? Plus Grease, too? And Saturday Night Fever? Are you serious?

I want it. But there are two things preventing me: the first, a lack of an extra hundred bucks I could justify spending. Second, my marriage. I think for my husband, me not just watching Flashdance on VH1 (as I tried to do last night, until he came back downstairs and mocked me) but actually OWNING it might be a cause for a citizen’s divorce. But we’ll see.


You know, reading over this last part I’m realizing yet again that I have really, really bad taste in movies. Oh, well. You knew that already, right?

have a good day, everyone….