Okay, so remember in that movie Beaches, when Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey are dyeing their hair, and it turns out Barbara Hershey did hers the exact same color it already was?

That’s how I felt today after FINALLY getting some color done in my hair only to walk into the house and have my husband say, “Hey! I thought you were getting your hair colored!”


I’ll admit: it is subtle. It’s darker, with redder lights in it, but from a distance it’s not like a big shock. Not like if I’d gone blonde or something. (I always, always wanted to be blonde, but I’ve gone ahead and stuck it in the Oh Well Too Late file, along with dating a Frenchman and being on The Real World.) But still. I think it looks different, anyway.

In other news, sometimes I just have to wonder at my fellow North Carolinians. I mean, where else would people be complaining about not having access to fried Twinkies?

A couple of years ago, when I was at the State Fair, I kept seeing people eating what I thought were fried pickles or okra or something. Nope. It was Oreos. Like un-fried they’re not fattening enough. I mean, next we’ll be frying gum. Or crackers. Good Lord, people!! Stop the madness!

I’m going to eat something healthy now. Like cocktail nuts….