It is cloudy and cool here today and everything feels like it’s going in slow motion. Especially the clock. This may also be a reaction to me having an expresso drink this morning, to prep myself for class: it wore off around 12:30, and I crashed. Now I’m just slumped here in my office wondering why time is passing so.very.slowly.

Goodness but I need a nap. No more real mochas: they’re lethal.

Halloween is a week from today, and I’m wishing I was more excited. For those of you reading this who are from Chapel Hill or live here still, you know all about the yearly celebration (completely unoffical and unsupported by the town) that happens on our main drag of Franklin Street. Thirty-thousand plus people, all in costume, taking over the street. It’s legendary.

I never go anymore, though. I did it all through high school and a few years afterwards, but nowadays I think I’m just too lame for all that hoopla. I’m trying to work up to going this year, getting some enthusiasm together, but it’s kind of like once you’ve had beer spilled on you, seen a bunch of pregnant nuns and Jesuses on the cross and all those other costumes that turn up yearly, it’s not quite as exciting.

I sound like such a grumpy old woman. Sheesh!!!!!!

Also, though, the morning AFTER Halloween, bright and early, I’m getting a wisdom tooth out.


I am terrified of this. Truly. Goblins and gremlins and witches? Not spooky at all. But oral surgery? Now that creeps me out.

have a good day, everyone…