I’m the pink Doc Marten…
I’m sassy and always in touch
with my feminine side

Which Doc Marten are you?
(by *coffeebean*)

Oh, my goodness. The irony. I just dug my Docs out of the closet last week and have been wearing them. They’re not boots, though: wing-tips, my very favorite shoes of all time. I love Docs, though. When I first met my husband, back in high school, he was wearing oxblood Doc Martens. I’ll never forget that.

Well, it’s Friday. My feet are cold, and it’s cloudy. Again. I am about to venture forth to go peruse DVDs…ostensibly because my friend Leigh is having a birthday next week and I want to buy one for her. Also, well, it can’t hurt to browse for myself. Right?


I am so spendy these days. This always happens when I’m not writing. I need to fill the time that I normally would be working, because otherwise I just sit here and berate myself, so it seems almost crucial to go out to the mall. Or Sephora. Or wherever. Not writing is getting expensive.

have a good day, everyone…