Which Ben Stiller are you? Take the Quiz!

I love Ben Stiller. He rocks. Although while I liked Zoolander, lately I’ve been loving him in Reality Bites, when he’s making out with Winona around a Big Gulp. So sweet.

Well. Yesterday, I finally broke down and bought Urban Cowboy. I’m saving it to watch on a night when I really need some cheering up. I also bought Empire Records, because it was supercheap and I love that movie. I only got to watch half of it last night before I got outvoted, though. Oh, well. Life—and marriage especially—is all about the occasional compromise.

In other news, I want to thank Jane for passing along the link to kiwibox.com, where Lullaby gets a nice mention (and graphic!) on the front page and a little article on the books page. Best of all? Directly opposite the picture of the cover is one of, yep, Christina Aguilera. Who says I’m not in good company?

It’s Saturday, the sun is finally coming out, and it’s officially fall. The leaves changed overnight, it feels like. Every now and then, when I’m driving, one will bounce off my windshield and I think, okay, I’m ready for winter. Sort of. Until then, we have nice sweater-but-not-jacket-football weather. Gotta love that.

have a great day…