Which Former New Kid on the Block are you?

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Reserved, shy, bordering on submissive–sound familiar? Though internally, you’re intense and moody, your aloof exterior often makes you seem unapproachable, even unreal. People tend to think you’re either really shallow or really deep, and you definitely have issues, but there’s no denying that your aura of intrigue attracts as many as it repels. The only problem is getting them the hell out of your face.

Well, and a good morning to ya!

Okay, so it’s Monday. And it’s raining. Again. I understand that we were/are in a drought, and we need it, but I would really love to see the sun, oh, sometime. If that’s okay.

Yesterday I went to see White Oleander and it was so good. You know that great feeling when you walk into a movie with no/little expectation and are just so pleasantly surprised? This movie is one of those. It came out, you haven’t heard all that much about it…but it’s just awesome. Michelle Pfieffer is especially great, although I’m a little worried about her nose. It’s so slim now it’s almost to Michael Jackson status. But that’s just so petty to point out, isn’t it?

(I am trying to be all about the high road, lately.)

Speaking of movies, Jackass was the number one draw this weekend. Here’s my husband’s review: “It was really funny, but you wouldn’t like it. There’s a lot of vomiting.” Do with that what you will. I think I’ll take a pass.

Update: So I just had to run downstairs because my dog was barking at something. I assumed it was a squirrel or deer, both of which amble through our yard pretty much constantly. But no: it was a turtle. A small one with an orange-patterned shell, walking along. My puppy was freaking out. I went out to move the turtle so the next time the dogs went out they wouldn’t circle him and just stand there barking (their basic approach to anything they don’t immediately recognize). The turtle sucked his legs and head in when I came up, hissing a little bit when I lifted him to the other side of the fence. Then he just walked around the grill and into the woods.

Don’t you just love a good deed on a Monday?
have a good one….