What Unconventional Movie Heroine Are You?

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You are Sofia Serrano from Vanilla Sky. Your demeanor, to most, is more refreshing than a tall glass of water on a hot day. Some, though, find your kittenish behavior to be immature. You are the embodiment of a muse; Maybe, like Sofia, you can inspire people to make great changes in their lives.

That’s very nice and everything, but to be totally honest I just didn’t GET that movie. I love Cameron Crowe, but he lost me. I think maybe I’m just too much of a moron to understand the “deeper meaning” or whatever. It wouldn’t be the first time.

And Penelope Cruz..I just haven’t seen her in anything that lives up to her hype, yet. She was good in Vanilla Sky, but then again, I didn’t understand it so maybe that’s not saying much. So far her biggest role seems to be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend. Maybe that’s a full time job, though.

It is cold here today. And cloudy. And I have an entire plastic pumpkinful of candy downstairs which I am trying my best not to dive into headfirst, as I am in somewhat of a mood today. Snickers bars (fun size!) always seem to have the answer, when I’m feeling low. Resist, resist….

So. Halloween. I don’t think I’m going to dress up, if only because I can’t think of anything original to be. I think I’m in that weird in between place. The one after college and those post-college-might-as-well-still-be-in-college-years and before I have kids of my own to zip up into Barbie Princess or Buzz Lightyear costumes (the choices this year of my cousins Wiley and Eric, respectively). I think the most festive I’ll get is buying a pumpkin and carving it, then watching Friends and eating fun size Snickers bars. Ah, the excitment.

(It’s going to be thirty degrees or so here tomorrow night…I pity anyone whose costume falls under the category of “scantily clad.” Brrrrr.)

hope you’re having a good day….