Happy Halloween.

The sun has *finally* come out here: I woke up today to a gorgeous day, and all of a sudden the leaves are all these vibrant colors. It’s like crossing over from bad black and white to technicolor, all in the span of one night. Wonderful.

I am armed with candy today, to hand out to my students and anyone else who crosses my path. (The count so far: maintenance guy by one of the dorms, English Department mailroom administrator, awesome fellow Southern writer Lawrence Naumoff. I will keep you posted, with regular updates, until I have handed out so much I can’t keep track any longer.) This is my way of making up for the fact that we live so far out in the country that we never get trick or treaters, which stinks. Gotta hand out candy somehow. It’s part of the tradition.

(There is a related danger to all this candy, though: I worry I may go into sugar shock before lunch. Oh, well.)

have a good day everybody….