Okay: so now I am wise. Or stupid. Or whatever it means when you finally get a wisdom tooth in (in your thirties) and then have it removed.

So does that make me wiser? Or less wise? These, and other deep thoughts, were what I was pondering early yesterday morning as the valium drip took effect. One minute I’m all strapped in and freaking out, about to bolt, and the next, well, the next I just felt happy. So happy I hardly noticed all these hands in my mouth, yanking a tooth out of my skull. I was mellow girl, believe me. My husband took me to Whole Foods afterwards so I could buy some soft mushy things to eat, and I just wandered about, goofy smile on my face, until he recovered me in the cheese section. Then I came home and slept all day long. Today, my face is swollen on one side, but I’m off the painkillers (which were fun and all, but I hate taking anything, even Advil).

On the whole, it was Not That Bad. They gave me the tooth in a little plastic bag, and I keep finding myself looking at it. So weird.

It’s a good feeling when something you’ve been *dreading* is finally over and done with. You can just take a deep breath and move on. Thank God…..