Good morning.

I am so low energy today. What’s up with that? I am slamming a frappacino as I write this in the hopes it will prevent me from falling asleep in class. Which I USED to be able to do, every now and then, when I was a student. As an instructor, though, it’s frowned upon.

Today is Election Day. People: get out and Vote. That’s all I can say. People died over the years for this right. And don’t give me that blah, blah, I’m busy, one vote makes no difference la la la. Just get out there and do it.

Thank you.

In other news, here’s a confession: I’m not much of a Rob Schneider fan. However, I am an Alexandra Holden fan. She’s playing Scarlett in How to Deal, and she has a part in Rob Schneider’s new movie, The Hot Chick. You can check out the preview here. She’s the redheaded girl with the sunglasses, in the first scene in the backseat of the Volkswagen. She pops up in other scenes, too.

(Alexandra was really nice to me when I was in Toronto. I have not forgotten, and will always appreciate it.)


*gulps down more coffee*

Okay. Here I go.

have a good day everyone….