No more nasty political ads! Hooray!

(I just feel the karma, especially in this state where things got really mean, is improving by the second. Whatever your affiliation *ahem* I’m just glad it’s over. I’d rather watch Metamucil commericals than hear everyone saying mean things about each other. Honest.)

Now, to something completely different.

When I was in college, I had this great roomate named Kelly Fadel. We lived in a little apartment in Carrboro, and Kelly was a big TV watcher, just like me. She got me turned onto Nick at Nite—where I eventually watched just about every episode of Father Knows Best—and AMC, where we watched all kinds of old movies. One movie that was on all the time, that bugged us to death but yet we always watched it as if it was out of our control to to otherwise, was A Summer Place. Sandra Dee, Troy Donahue. Lots of crashing waves. And that theme from A Summer Place. Kelly *hated* that song.

Daaaa, da-da, da-daaaaaa, Da-da Da-da, Da-Da, Da-da-da-da-dahhhhh….

(This is, of course, only an approximation. The song itself is much more annoying than that.)

So imagine my surprise this morning when I checked the Hollywood Reporter website to find that Mandy Moore is in consideration for remake of A Summer Place. Talk about worlds colliding. I mean, really.

I wonder who will be the Troy Donahue part. Swooon!

Anyway. Today I’m off to Cary Academy to talk to some folks, and Saturday I go to the new the Barnes and Noble at Triangle Town Center (a new mall in Raleigh) to speak from 4 to 5. Maybe there’s a Banana Republic there…hmmmmmmmm.

have a good day…