Well. So I’m covered in spots.

(Got your attention, didn’t I?)

Turns out I’m slightly allergic to pennicillin. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that yesterday afternoon, twenty-four hours after taking my last dose of penicillin for the wisdom teeth thing, I broke out in this seriously scary looking rash. It looks BAD, people. Yikes. I had to stay home from school (cancelling class for the very first time in my six years because I was, well, infirm) and have taken enough Benadryl today that I feel like I could fall asleep even as I write this. Snooooooze.

Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow. Spots is not a good color on me.

In other, pre-rash news, yesterday I had a great visit with the folks at Cary Academy. Here’s a picture of me talking to some kids from the Upper School:

I had a great time, so thanks to everyone there. I’m so glad this waited until about an hour later to kick in.

have a good afternoon, everyone. I’m going to lay down now…..