Which Simpsons Character Are You?

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Ralph Wiggum!! you’re not actually the smartest kid alive, but you can live with it. Maybe you should try to stop eating school supplies and tell the evil pyromaniac leprachaun to leave you alone and you should be ok……maybe

Okay, so maybe I cheated so I’d get Ralph. I’m probably more of a Lisa or Marge, but I love Ralph. I really do.

Well, the spots are disappearing. Thank God. And it’s Friday. So things are looking up.

In other good news (of the self-promotional type) This Lullaby was picked by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2002 . As we used to say, Yip-Ya-Yahooey. That’s so cool.

Now, I’m going to leave the house for the first time in over twenty-four hours. The fall colors are so gorgeous here it’s pretty much unbelievable. I think I’ll go drive around and just marvel at them for awhile.

have a good day everyone….