Ah, Monday. We’re under a tornado watch here, and the sky is getting darker.

*peers out window nervously*

Better keep this short.

Anyway. So I’m a total dork. I mean, you knew that already, right? But this weekend, I was at a Barnes and Noble, about to do a reading. Not a lot of folks there, four o’clock on a Saturday, but whatever. I’m in the biography section, killing time, and I look over and there’s this little girl standing there looking at me. She’s holding a copy of That Summer. So I look at her, and smile, and she looks away really fast. When I look up, she’s looking at me again, so I walk over and say, “Hey, you’ve got my book!”

She looks at me, confused, then goes to hand the paperback over to me, like it’s LITERALLY mine and I’ve announced I’m going to confiscate it. To be honest, she looked a little scared. So I just mumble something and cut around a shelf, feeling like a loser. I mean, really.

*looks outside again*

Better turn off the computer. More later!!!