I’m sorry, but this whole J. Lo-Ben Affleck thing is really bothering me.

I mean, has she not heard of just dating someone? Or maybe *gasp* living together, seeing how things go for awhile? Maybe it’s a religious thing. Maybe if she’s with someone, it has to be official. Truthfully, I like Jennifer Lopez. I’m not trying to bash on her at all. I’m just curious.

Down here where I come from, if you’re thirty-two and twice divorced, about to get married again, and your last two marriages lasted less than a year, well, there are conclusions drawn. Put J. Lo in a trailer and you do the math. But in Hollywood, it’s all good and fine. Just dandy.

I wonder what Gwyneth thinks about this. I really do. Bet she’s not happy, is all I’m saying.

have a good day….