Good morning, one and all. It’s raining here. Hard. Sheesh. Talk about a challenge getting up and to work. But I’m here!

*smiles brightly*

So my AOL email is acting up again. I swear, I hate AOL. At this point, the only thing I can say is that this must be what it’s like to be in a bad marriage. Me and AOL, once we were happy. Everything was pretty much okay. But now the love is gone. There’s even resentment—once veiled, now not so much so. I should leave, I know I could be happier elsewhere. But it’s going to be such a pain the butt to extract myself that I just stay, putting up with everything, day after day, hoping that somehow it might just end on its own. Like AOL might leave me for someone else, or something.


In other news, this morning, while I was standing holding the door open for my dog—who was peering out into the rain with a not-gonna-happen expression—a squirrel fell off the roof, crashed onto the bannister right next to me, and then scurried away over the fence. This scared the crap out of me: I shrieked, like a little girl. It was not even eight a.m. I mean, what kind of way is that to start the day?

(I was thinking of my friend Courtney, and the conversation we had this weekend about squirrels falling on people’s heads. Now, I see it is possible.)

Somehow, the AOL marriage and falling squirrels are linked, in a subtle, literary, metaphorical way. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s there.

have a good day everyone……