How silly are you?

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This is just so true. Really. Although I’m not feeling so silly today. But it’s early yet.

I know it’s so nerdy to point this out, but the fall colors are just so beautiful here. I mean, as in heart-stopping, oh-my-god-it’s-like-I’m-in-a-painting beautiful. Maybe it’s because I know that once all these leaves fall it’s just flat gray until March, but I am really into this today. Everything is yellows and reds and when the sun hits it: gorgeous. Man.

(If you live in this area, you know what I’m talking about. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe, you’re just sitting there thinking, what? colors? who gives a crap? Or maybe not.)

Last night, I was feeling pretty wiped out, so I did the Sarah Remedy: a glass of wine, pimiento cheese and mini stoned wheat thins, and one of my fave DVDs, Sliding Doors. Sigh. You know a movie’s good when you’ve seen it a bazillion times and you still love it. (I saw it in the theatre twice, too.) I love the part where her life’s all crappy and then she cuts her hair and goes blonde and gets her own PR business, all in this great montage. Don’t you sometimes want a montage? All these wonderful things happening to you—including great new hair!—with a happy pop song playing alongside?

Oh, I want a montage. And a makeover. The PR business I’ll pass on, if only because I’m having enough trouble juggling the two jobs I have already. Bring on the pop songs!

have a good day, everyone…