Well. It’s Monday. And the sun is out!

Finally. This was one of those long, gray weekends where it’s cold and rainy and just dragging myself out of the house required too much motivation to make it worthwhile. Which means I did hardly anything fun, and therefore have nothing interesting to report, no funny ha-ha stories to tell, no insightful moments to describe. Nope. Nothing.

In other news, though, this morning I read the last of my student papers, bringing the grand total of stories and assigments read by me since late August to something like 114. Yikes. Now I only have 35 revisions to read in forty-eight hours in early December, and I’m done.

(We are at that point in the semester where everyone is overburdened and exhausted. In one class on Thursday, I had two people who had been up all night writing papers and doing projects. One was rattling on No-Doz, the other was so drowsy he couldn’t really understand what anyone was saying, which was somewhat unfortunate as we were discussing his story. What can I say? I was an undergrad once. I feel for them. I really do.)

As for me, I went to bed at 10 on Friday night. All together now: lame. Really lame. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll pull an all nighter this weekend, or something. The problem is, if I have nothing to do during the day, how will I fill an entire night? Seems sleeping is a better bet. But that might just be me.

have a good rest-of-the-day, everyone….