What in the world is this all about?


I don’t want to know. Really. I don’t.

Let’s talk about something happy. Like, say, the fact that My So Called Life is now available in its entirety on DVD. How cool is that? So cool that it is all I can do not to run up my Visa ordering it right this second. But I am trying to control myself.

(Wouldn’t that be the BEST way to spend the Thanksgiving weekend, though? Eating turkey and losing yourself in the melodrama of Angela Chase? But I digress.)

Now, if we want to talk BIG money spending, there’s always the Segway, also now available. I mean, it’s only around five thousand bucks. And imagine how popular you’d be with your friends!

Personally, I’d rather have the DVD set. But that’s just me.

In other news, things are so busy now. Sheesh. Tomorrow I have to teach, then head off to Atlanta for the NCTE conference. I come back on Friday, try to do something nice for my husband’s birthday, and push right into the family fun fest that is Thanksgiving. Yikes. Then, the next week, classes end, I grade massive amounts of papers in a very short period of time, and we’re off to London. Then home, and Christmas. And then school starts again.

Of course, it will go a little more slowly than that. But not much. Oh well. I do like to be busy. Me bored is a scary thing.

have a good day everybody!