Remember when travelling used to be fun?

I’m not talking about the security, and how that takes longer. I have no problem with that, cheerfully submit to taking my shoes off and standing arms spread to have the little beep-beep thing get passed over me. I’m fine with that. And let me tell you: during my trip to Atlanta, security was quick. No problem. The problem was everything else.

Like the ticket lines. I mean, sheesh. Standing for an hour to just get a boarding pass and check a bag is kind of nuts. And then standing for another half hour in a freezing cold jetway waiting to get on the plane, which is so packed they just gave up on beverage service halfway through because there just wasn’t enough time to get to everyone. Followed by one of the scariest landings ever (right before touching down, we shifted hard to the right—prompting a collective shriek—and hit the runway with a boom!—another shriek. God help me, I thought, just let us STOP. Which we did. Finally.)

I’m sorry to complain. I got home safe. But it made me want to drive everywhere from now on, even London, where I’m supposed to be flying two weeks from today. Not possible, I know, but If Only. *sigh*

Anyway, in brighter news, I had a great time at NCTE. Highlights included meeting so many nice people who told me about how their students really liked my books, hanging out with my editor and, for the first time, trying ostrich meat. (Not bad, tastes like roast beef, to be honest.) But now I’m home, for two solid weeks, one of which will be Thanksgiving, which means lolling around eating and sleeping and just trying to calm down a bit because, really, hasn’t life been a little much lately? Or is that just me?

Happy Saturday, everyone…